Monday, January 15, 2007

You Meet the Most Interesting People, Part II

Beard Street Rain

So, we were shooting pics (again) on Beard Street on Saturday when we heard someone saying, "Hey!...Excuse me!...Hello!...Hey!" When we finally looked it was a security gaurd from the Ikea site, approaching us on a public street, clearly interested in what we were doing.

"What's up?" we asked.

"Aren't you that reporter that was here when we had that trouble?" he asked.

"No. I'm just a photographer. What trouble?"

We've been past the gate, but given that Ikea had "trouble" on Friday in the form of stories about missing (possibly toxic) rubble and dirt, GL as very curious.

"Somebody got hurt a few months ago in the drydock," he said, referring to a worker hurt on the site.

"Right, I remember that. Actually, I'm shooting pictures of the dome."

This was not a lie. We were shooting photos of the dome and didn't have a good angle into the Ikea for a shot of the (possibly toxic) rubble. Last time we tried shooting picture through the gate one of the security gaurds became moderately rabid. Which is why the idea of 15 dump trucks full of rubble being snuck past them seems a bit odd.

"That's coming down," he said.

"Well, have a great day."

As he walked away, we could see him saying something into a two-way radio. Was it an innocent encounter because he thought we looked like a reporter that had been on the site before (which we haven't)? Or is Ikea taking a keen interest in who's taking photos on public streets? We'd assume it's the former, but the insistent way the guy approached us in the first place, makes us wonder.


Anonymous ANP said...

Fascinating. When I drove my car into a dead end off of Kent (Wythe? eek can't remember) to take this pic, within literally one minute a squad car came a-followin'. Jeez, I thought, can't a girl just take an amusing photo??? I wasn't even interested in the two development sites flanking me on both sides.

7:53 PM  

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