Sunday, February 25, 2007

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: I Oogled Ogled You

Yes, Sunday. Time for our Brooklyn Craigslist Missed Connection of the Week. There are a lot of tough choices this week, like the simple, yet compelling, one for the woman wearing the cheetah print shoes on the F and the bit of nastiness left for the "ass face" that took someone's Arecibo car in Dumbo. Finally, after much back and forth, we settled on the oogler ogler, mainly because of the funny use of the word "oogle," which we googled just to double checking that the correct spelling is "ogle" not "oogle." So, Mr. Oogler, this we, we salute you:
Cutie at 1st Ave L station with skinny jeans and brown suede shoes - m4w - 27

This was around 9:45pm. Sorry if I oogled a little too much. You are extremely nice looking. My mother would love to meet you. Problem is, I'm likely soooo not your type. You stood the whole time, though our wait was short. You had dark denim skinny jeans that were made to be wrinkly at the knee. You also had on a pair of comfy looking dark brown suede shoes. You were blonde and had strong and straight hair. You wore a black (was it wool?) coat. Again, you're extremely nice looking and I'd love to share a sandwhich with you, discuss politics or Williamsburg over a hot chocolate, or make-out! Or become really great platonic friends or something. You likely know who I am, so I won't say much about me, maybe you could write and possibly say one thing about my appearance so I'll know it's you i you do decide to write, if you see this...

If not, enjoy your weekend and your life, and your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/life partner/significant other is very lucky.
Good luck with the search!


Anonymous Miss Heather said...

You know, several years ago I was on a date with a guy. We were at the Abbey and I asked him where he would like to go next. This was his reply: I'd really like to make out with you later.


I wonder if it's the same guy?

12:13 PM  

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