Tuesday, February 27, 2007

GL's Construction Site Du Jour, Greenpoint Edition

West and Greenpoint Avenue 2x500

The photo above and below was sent to us by a Greenpoint correspondent who is always sending great photos and information our way. As we are always impressed by the number of construction and/or demolition sites with fencing that is wide open, poorly secured or that has been knocked down, this little winter scene caught our eyes. Our photographer writes:
This has got to be the most pathetic construction fence I have ever seen. The big site here on Green Street got a brand-spanking new metal gate. This is kind of funny given that other parts of the fence are totally falling apart AND another gate had been left open. On West Street alone, there are two more fences that have partially collapsed.
Given that we photographed several similarly well-maintained sites in Williamsburg this weekend, we're going to be featuring some of these wide-open sites. We're certain that some people appreciate them, because you never known when you'll need access to a vacant lot or construction site to do, you know, whatever you need that sort of spot to do.

West and Greenpoint Avenuex500


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