Friday, March 09, 2007

The New Carroll Gardens-Gowanus Skyline

New Gowanus Skyline Labeled

The Carroll Gardens-Gowanus skyline is changing. The building with the growth on top is the one dubbed the Carroll Gardens Hell Building because of the infernal nature of some of the construction work. The Bunker on Bond, meanwhile, is our name for that big cinderblock thing on Bond Street that looks like a huge gun emplacement you'd have expected to find on high ground in the mid-20th Century. Together, they definitely alter the view from the Carroll Street Bridge and this vista could itself look like a quaint period piece in about five years.

GOWANUS BONUS: According to Found in Brooklyn, the neighborhood group that had its first meeting recently to express concerns about development plans on Bond Street and in Gowanus now has a name: "Friends of Bond." They are looking for a place to have meetings.


Blogger Lisanne said...

There was alot of confusion this week about a meeting regarding 333 Carroll St aka "Carroll Gardens Hell" w/ Bill DiBlasio, once the location was finally revealed (it was somewhere in downtown Brooklyn) the meeting was over."Friends of Bond" are new at this type of thing,organization will come I'm sure!. Anyway to all interested parties there will be a Carroll Garden's Assn. meeting Monday 3/12/07 at 7:30 pm in Scotto's Funeral home. I was told in an email from "Friends of Bond" that it "will be informative."

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys should call the architect instead of blasting him. i had questions and i called them and they were very nice and explained what they were doing. they didn't give me too much info., but told me i could come visit their office and i felt relaxed that someone was listening. they told me they are using brick on smith street building, not aluminum.

12:54 PM  

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