Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Atlantic Yards #2: Anti-Demolition Protest Wed. Morning


Forest City Ratner says it will start demolishing four buildings in Prospect Heights on Wednesday (4/18) morning and Develop Don't Destroy is organizing a protest. Overall, 15 buildings are slated for demolition in the next two months, leaving Prospect Heights with large amounts of vacant land even as the lawsuits that will ultimately determine the fate of the Atlantic Yards Development are in court. DDDB writes:
Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Spitzer are allowing these demolitions to proceed before the project has been shown to be either legal and financially viable. Keep in mind, that though some demolitions may be start, there is an eminent domain lawsuit in federal court, challenging the abuse of eminent domain for "Atlantic Yards," alleging that its use violates the United States Constitution.

If that lawsuit succeeds, it will make it impossible to build the arena, or the skyscraper-laden superblocks planned by the developer.

Come out Wednesday morning to demonstrate your opposition to the premature demolition of these buildings and to laying waste to our community before it has been determined whether or not the project can be built as proposed.
The protest is at 8AM. Meeting point is 191 Flatbush (between Fifth Avenue and Dean Street.) More information over at DDDB. You can read here about the Rally Against Demolition for Parking that took place on Sunday despite the Nor'easter and drew more than 200 people.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very sad and it's unfortunate that "big money" will always prevail. We're at the mercy of the few. NYC vs NYC

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