Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Modern Rocks 1:30 AM

Modern Again

Looks like The Modern, the Williamsburg building we featured on Monday, may be so advanced that it's operating in a future in which New York City building codes and regulations have been repealed. Or, maybe, they're working in the present, when you can just ignore them with impunity. But, we digress, the reason we turn our attention to the Modern is that a tip arrived that a pile driver showed up at the site at 1:30 AM yesterday, pretty much waking all the residents and getting everyone out on the street to enjoy a lovely North Brooklyn Spring Night. "I heard this awful clanging and thought I was dreaming about construction," one of the neighbors told GL. The police were called and added to the festive atmosphere, but the pile driver (which is not an Empire Pile driver--that one is banging way at Magic Johnson's development site on Green Street in Greenpoint) was not taken into custody.

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