Sunday, May 13, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Once a week, we highlight GL's reader comments. Here's a selection of some of them from the last seven days:

Radiac Redux: Fun with Low Level Radiation in Williamsburg. "I would still think that a 10-day holding period still poses a danger to the area. I won't be totally relieved until it's completely shut down and relocated." [Pretzel Logic]

Selling Williamsburg Condos with Banksy and Stroller Moms. "I only see one woman with kids in this picture. Yes the street is full. Your attempt at exaggerating the issue is obvious." [Anonymous]

"Entirely Sure" About Living in Park Slope, Not Gowanus. "Some people feel the need to justify (to their fab-u-lous City friends) that they live in the oh-so-trendy Park Slope versus The icky-smelly, sewage ridden Gowanus Canal. It just figures that these "newbies" would argue about things of this nature. Park Slope is on a 'Slope'. The Gowanus is, well, flat."



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