Friday, June 22, 2007

Big Coney Island Water Slide Ready to Get Inflated

uninflated hippo

[Photo courtesy of Kinetic Carnival]

Well, the big Hippo water slide that Thor Equities had promised to put up in Coney Island for the summer has arrived. Coney blogger Kinetic Carnival has posted photos of it sitting on the property that housed a miniature golf course until it was demolished during the winter. He also put up pics at the Coney Island Message Board. In case you don't remember, the water slide is 36 feet tall, 47 feet wide and 168 feet long. The top platform is three stories high and it's a 40 degree drop. The manufacturer says the operator can make about $29,000 a week from it. It's supposed to require a six-hour set up and comes with three days of training, so if you see it up and operating on Saturday during the Mermaid Parade, well, draw your own conclusions...because three days of training would bring us to Monday, assuming they blow it up today. And, remember kids, according the manufacturer, "When it comes to attracting thousands of families to your location, size does matter." Indeed.

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