Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Carroll Gardeners Busy With Robert Scarano Wikipedia Page?

Scarano Wiki Two

We don' t know who, exactly, has been working on Robert Scarano's Wikipedia page, but we have a funny feeling that it's someone that lives in or near Carroll Gardens. Why? Recent additions to the constantly changing, shall we say, ScaraWiki, concern the controversy surrounding his building at 360 Smith Street and the effort by City Council Bill de Blasio to have Mr. Scarano's state certification revoked. (The latter was just added last night.)

Scarano Wiki One

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carroll Gardens rocks!
I sure hope Bill de Blasio means what he says about helping out with stopping 360 Smith Strret from becoming the latest Scarano Scar-itecture..........Carroll Gardens is too good for that. Shouldn't Bill be calling for an immediate re-zoning push downtown ike he said he would?

11:18 AM  

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