Thursday, June 14, 2007

F Express Petition Gets 760 Signatures; Idea Faces Obstacles

The online petition to create an express F Train and extend the V Train to Brooklyn as a local got more than 750 signatures in little more than a day, which would seem to indicate the idea being pushed by the blog Brooklyn Streets has some support among residents that use the line. In the meantime, blogger Second Ave. Sagas indicates there are practical obstacles to the plan including track switches that no longer exist after Kings Highway to scheduling problems with extending the V and having it share tracks with the F between Second Avenue and Jay Street. He offers another solution to full express services:
Run the F as an express train from Jay St./Borough Hall to Church Ave. The F would stop at York St., Jay St., 7th Avenue and Church Ave. before running local to Coney Island. Meanwhile, extend the V to Church Ave. as the local. Church Ave. is the last four-track stop on the Culver Line and provides for a switch so that the V can turn around and head back to Manhattan.

With this plan, the stations with the highest number of riders would see staggered service. Carroll Gardens riders wouldn’t have to shove Park Slope residents into already-crammed trains in the morning. The V would become a more viable line in Manhattan, and everyone in Brooklyn would be happy.
You can sign the petition here.



Anonymous d said...

sing the petition, folks! help stop the F train madness!

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