Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fireworks Last Night in Prospect Park

Fireworks One

There was a nice fireworks show to go along with the screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind in Prospect Park last night. The fireworks were actually sent aloft from Mt. Prospect Park adjacent to the Brooklyn Public Library. Those on hand for the movie got to hear Borough President Marty Markowitz make the same remarks twice. The film was being shown on a double-sided screen, so Mr. Markowitz made his remarks about how people everywhere are "green with envy" about Prospect Park and announcing summer concert series that his office sponsors on both sides of the screen. The sound system was so loud, however, it meant that it sounded like deja vu, which is always a treat.

Fireworks Two

Fireworks Three



Anonymous Greg said...

My wife and I were there. It was quite enjoyable. Certainly no fourth of July spectacular, but very nice nonetheless. There was a great sense of community.

I wrote a bit about it over at the Epicenter.

3:22 PM  

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