Saturday, June 30, 2007

PM Update: City Sued Repeatedly Over Injuries From Coney's Trip and Fall Boardwalk

Broken Boardwalk

If you read GL, you know we've written quite a few items over the last year or so about the awful condition of the boardwalk in Coney Island. GL has learned that the city was sued seven times in 2005 and 2006 over injuries that occurred as a result of fall due to the boardwalk and settled nine other cases. We don't know what the total bill to taxpayer's has been because of the Parks Department's failure to keep the boardwalk in good condition.

This is what we wrote about it last June:
The Coney Island Boardwalk--other than the very small portion that was replaced for $500,000 over the winter--is in a disgraceful state of disrepair. We're not talking about a couple of loose boards here and there, either. We are talking about it being in such a sad state that all an ambulance chasing lawyer has to do to get new clients is find a particularly odious part of the boardwalk and stand there and wait for people to trip and fall. These spots are easy to locate. They're the ones where boards are see-sawing up and down as people walk on them or where there are holes where the wood is rotted or where bolts are sticking out.
And, this is what we wrote a few weeks ago:
there are still ample opportunities to break your face or sprain an ankle and get a chance to meet one of the many nice and friendly NYPD officers patrolling the boardwalk as they call EMS to cart you away to the Emergency Room. We haven't seen any statistics, but it is our understanding that there were a large number of injuries last year and, to judge by the bad condition early in the season, this year probably won't disappoint. The city has cited the unusual wear and tear caused by the NYPD driving on the boardwalk as well as the fact that sand is directly underneath the boards and contributes to rot. What we don't understand, however, is how it is cheaper to settle trip and fall injury lawsuits than it is to fix the boardwalk. (Not to mention why it is okay to allow conditions to persist that allow people to become injured.)
Repairs seem to have started on a small segment of the boardwalk near Astroland this week. Just last night, we were walking on the boardwalk and felt boards sagging under our feet. We looked down and saw you would fall least six to eight feet in that particular spot and wondered how long it will be before the boards split open and someone plunges through. The good news is, the victim will be able to sue or the city will settle!

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