Thursday, June 28, 2007

PM Update: Some Permits Issued for 360 Smith Street Building

Several permits have been approved today for the controversial building at 360 Smith Street. The overall building plans have not been approved and they are not construction permits. Rather they are permits for the sort of thing that comes before construction: fences, sheds and the like. Three of the permits were approved today (6/28). The permits that are in place include one for curb cuts, one for a construction fence and one for a construction shed. A total of five permits for the building--which is the subject of intense neighborhood grassroots organizing but which can be built "as of right" by the developer--have been issued since Friday, June 22. (You can find the DOB's page on permits and applications for the buildings here, should you care to gaze upon the user-unfriendly jargon and abbreviations.) Stay tuned for the reaction that is sure to follow. Which we will, of course, have in the morning.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It smell corruption like in a banana republic

10:53 PM  
Anonymous who walk in brooklyn said...

a few things--

1) why the equivocation? ok, FINE, not all of Manhattan Beach's residents are elitist & certainly not all are as dopey as others but please... i defy anyone try talking to people there in bulk-- see how well it goes. ** HOMEOWNERS ** only, btw, not the old folks on the edge. you don't live in MB, period, because you like to "mingle."

2) Robert, why didn't you link to the big Tom Robbins' (student reported) story on Bushwick in the Voice this week?,robbins,77040,2.html

because it shows up almost every one of your erstshile blog "peers" (sic) & pals as worthless, or at least mere yuksters, bridge club ladies? (no offense to cool, bridge club ladies-- i love ya'll, it's just not JOURNALISM.)

you can try all you like to create some "virtual reality" but everyone else is going to call bullshit on it when more complicated, expansive truths are out there. i assume this was an oversight?

3) the Smith St mess, heartbreaking & infuriating are the words that first come to mind. F-U-C-K the M-T-A (for starters.)

4) BIG SURPRISE!! even the so-called "Bushwick" blog (which looks like a real-estate shill as much as anything, or is that an "ironic" shill?) your sidebar links to didn't bother to mention the Voice story.

what gives?? are the voices of anyone BUT white bloggers excluded from "the revolution"? you SAY that is not your desire but action, brutha', action.


11:03 PM  

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