Friday, June 08, 2007

What Were They Thinking: Williamsburg Edition

69 Maspeth Avenue

Behold 69 Maspeth Avenue in Williamsburg. (The building on the right.) It is not ornate like some of the other crappy Brooklyn buildings that we have previously showcased as exemplary specimens. No, 69 Maspeth stops you in your tracks because it is so utilitarian and without pretense. This is a building that screams, "I don't give a rat's ass what you think, someone is going to buy or rent, regardless. Bite me." Just some tan brick and Fedders. What were they thinking?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

most of the buildings going up in Williamsburg are just swapping Old uggy run down but perhaps better built for new ugly that is poorly built but this side sold not to the low/middle class of 50-70 years ago+ but now to the upper class yuppies who have been sold the hype and deluded into thinking the hood here is evenirometally safe...JOKES on them....why do you think the locals smile so? 10 years ago no one wanted to touch the polluted ugly Williamsburg and now still polluted but has New Ugly and since its Hip...the locals are Cashing Out..headed to buy a nice place in the inlands with clean water and no asthma. JOKES on the Yuppies, God Bless Em!

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