Sunday, July 29, 2007

Busted Up Coney Boardwalk Continues to Generate Concern

Busted Up Boardwalk

The horrid condition of the boardwalk in Coney Island, a subject to which we've devoted countless, continues to generate some coverage. This week the Bay News notes the boardwalk's deterioration. It also makes the very interesting point that Coney Island redevelopment make encourage the city to allow the problem to get worse before it gets better because the city may be reluctant to make repairs only to see it torn up again by construction-related work. The paper describes the problem as follows:
The ever-popular promenade is now riddled with holes, rotting wood, wobbly boards and exposed nails. In some parts there are wooden planks that jut up several inches, almost inviting someone to trip.
The Parks Department says it's making repairs (the strategy this year seems to be nailing planks over the holes in the boards, presenting a brand new way for people to break their faces while enjoying the Brooklyn outdoors). They sent a statement to the Bay News saying "we continue to repair any hazards to ensure a safe pedestrian experience along the boardwalk." The pedestrian experience is so safe, in fact, that seven injury lawsuits were filed in 2005 and 2006 and $157,000 in settlements have been paid in nine cases filed since 1997. The problem is said to be "on the radar" at City Hall and some extra money will be put in place for emergency repairs. A major repair job, which the boardwalk desperately needs, would cost millions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

nytimes had an interesting article on the boardwalk and a cop whos worked out in coney island for 20+ years. the article mentions that people used to walk around and do illicit stuff under the boardwalk, so they built the sand up so that it nearly reached the top of the boardwalk. now, however, the built up sand (along with other wear and tear) is causing the boardwalk to rot. The article is called "Keeping Peace on Salty Planks and Shifting Sand." Its from July 14 if you want to check it out.

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