Saturday, July 28, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Every weekend, we survey the comments that GL readers have left in the past week. Here's a look at a few of this week's:

1) Got Time? Help Brian Lehrer Count SUVs on Your Block. "I know it is easy to pick on these oversized ego machines and feel all self-righteous about yourself. But also take a look at how much housing space you occupy (or dream of) and energy to heat/cool that space each year....and the huge refridgerators and all the other electronic junk we accumulate. Just sayin', no need to be so smug. [Anonymous]

2) Report Details Williamsburg-Greenpoint Job Losses, Gentrification & More. "I don't dispute the report, but comparing the loss of industrial jobs in these hoods to "other nearby North Brooklyn neighborhoods" is like comparing apples to oranges. the OTHER neighborhoods aren't sitting on a coastline facing Manhattan. 'This suggests that the industrial sector overall was stable and that something specific was happening in Greenpoint-Williamsburg.' Yes, something specific called re-zoning. [Pretzel Logic]

3) New Controversy Over Thor's Handling of Historic Coney Island Building. "Now, ultimately Thor is the villain here. Lying to people and generally being what is colloquially described as an "asshole" to others. But I can't help but think that Dick Zigun might have been louder and more vocal about what is happening to Coney Island had he not be in tallks with Thor. Hopefully now that Thor has officially screwed everyone over, more and more people will speak out about what they are doing and how they are doing it." [preworn]

4) Is This Why the Bunker on Bond Doesn't Have Windows? "The upper floors have a great view. Most of the apartments are duplex enough windows to the front and light flooding in from the courtyard windows." [devpro]

5) More Photos of the Mysterious Park Slope Brownstone Bride. "Very sad...but I am getting married & want to find a similar dress. Anyone recognize it?" [Anonymous]



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