Monday, July 16, 2007

Circus Coming to Coney Says They Still Use Elephants

We received an email from Renee Storey, the Vice President for Administration of Cole Bros. Circus, which Thor Equities is brining to Coney Island for a week at the end of July. You might recall that back in May we ran a post dealing with old allegations of animal abuse against the circus. Several of the allegations centered around Cole Brothers' treatment of elephants and some stories said they no longer used elephants.

Storey writes that it's "almost laughable" that activist say the circus gave up using elephants yet continue to protest its treatment of elephants. Storey adds that the circus still uses elephants, was never convicted of any charges and that a clown alleged to have sexually abused a child had nothing to do with Cole Brothers. Storey also suggests that PETA has a history of "slaughtering pets" and that it financially supports "domestic terrorists."

All of which, we might suggest, goes to making Coney Island a much more interesting place than it's been in the past. We don't recall talk of elephant abuse, pet slaughter and terrorism in connection with the bumper boats, Go-Kart tracks and batting cages where the circus will operate.

Here's are some lengthy excerpts from the Storey statement to GL (which also went to the Coney Island Message Board):
It’s almost laughable to read that activists proclaim that Cole Bros. Circus gave up using elephants in 2004, yet continue to protest our continued use of elephants.

Cole Bros. Circus will appear in Coney Island July 30 through August 5th with an outstanding cast of human and animal performers, including elephants. Cole Bros. Circus has never ceased using elephants, either in its own show or at other venues. Animal activists who claim otherwise prove either their disdain for truth in an ongoing effort to mislead the public, or that they are confused by the information provided by organizations that can’t seem to get story straight.

Cole Bros. Circus is committed to responsible use and care of animals and providing wholesome and affordable entertainment in a comfortable and safe environment for American families. Cole Bros. Circus has never been convicted of animal abuse.

Why do certain activists delight in telling the public that the circus was charged with animal abuse but never admits that the circus has always been proved innocent? They don’t want you to know the whole story...

The clown cited on the PeTA website worked at a clothing retail store at a regional shopping mall following his termination by the circus. Along with the parents of the teen-aged victim, he belonged to a group of amateur clowns on Long Island. The alleged incident leading to his arrest and conviction took place in the teenager’s home, reportedly in view of the young man’s father, who videotaped the proceedings. It had absolutely nothing to do with the circus.

Cole Bros. Circus performs background checks on all its employees, plus has established policies and adheres to procedures that ensure the welfare of all patrons, especially children...

Check out, where you will find details of PeTA’s abysmal history of slaughtering pets, and its frightening, financial support of domestic terrorists.

After taking a closer look at PeTA, you might decide to spare your donation and instead spend $17 to go to Cole Bros. Circus when it comes to Coney Island. There, you will see people who truly love animals putting their hearts, hands and money into animal welfare, keeping alive and healthy not only the animals, but the great tradition of the American Circus for years to come.
Those are all the relevant parts of the Storey statement. For more information about Cole Brothers you can click on their web page.

[Photo courtesy Captain Nemo/ via Coney Island Message Board]

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