Thursday, July 26, 2007

Does Anyone Have Video of the "Brownstone Bride"?


The mysterious story of the Park Slope Brownstone Bride continues to attract attention. We got an email and a call from an Inside Edition producer yesterday asking if we knew of any videos of the bride. We don't. And, for all the people said to have taken photos of the incident, the only photos we've seen are the ones that we posted that were sent to us. In any case, if you were there and you shot video, send us an email. The story hasn't run its course yet, apparently, as bride-related weirdness and/or drama can clearly attract a national audience. Although the Brooklyn Paper reported the bride is bi-polar and had been engaged and was then dumped, we still have a major question: How did she get up there? The height of the ledge on which she was found would indicate that there is no way she could have gotten up there without help unless (a). she's Spiderbride or (b). a ladder was found at the scene and it wasn't reported.



Blogger JanetG said...

So "Inside Edition" asks you to jump, and you ask, "How high?" I understand why a 9-year-old would-be journalist would find this interesting enough to take photos of, but, especially if this is indeed, a woman with mental illness, can't you just leave her be, whether the homeowner has been candid about the situation or not?

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