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A Happy Ending for Red Hook's Revere Sugar Dogs

Whenever people want to point out how different Red Hook used to be, they note the former presence of wild dogs. Some of them lived at the old Revere Plant that is currently in the final throes of demolition at the hands of Thor Equities. A number of bloggers and photographers avoided posting photos of the dogs for a long time because they didn't want any harm to come to them from, say, an overzealous city government anxious to neutralize the wild dog threat in Red Hook. Recently, we posted a video of one of the last dogs because the kind soul who has rescued some of them put the video on YouTube and their story was told in the Brooklyn Paper by Ariella Cohen. The dogs' Guardian Angel, Harriet Zucker, with whom we've corresponded in the past, emailed to say that two of the dogs are safe and living in Pennsylvania and to update us on other details. One of the dogs, sadly, went missing before a rescue could take place. Ms. Zucker writes:
Just wanted to let you know that the dog in the video....Mama Dolce is now living in PA and is safe along with the other dog Big Mama.

Until about two months ago there were three dogs (they had been together for years.) One has totally disappeared. I kind of think she may be around but is very very shy. She is all brown with a large scar on her back. (The dog in the middle in the second photo below.) The dog in the video, Mama Dolce, and the other were very it is strange that she disappeared. Here is a photo of them from the last day it snowed in March. They were happy, just not safe (because of changes in the area). The second one is of the two of them in PA. Don't worry they are not constantly caged. They just go in the cages doors stay open.

I so appreciate the fact that everyone who knew about the dogs kept
quiet about them. If there are any photographers that have photos of the dogs, I would love to get in touch and maybe do something with them. I of course have tons and tons of as well. I've been taking care of them for years and took all their pups three years ago. They all have fantastic homes, we have a birthday party every year. The father of all the pups (and I guess husband/boyfriend of these three) lives in Syracuse with a truck driver who brings stuff to Ahava. (Located at Beard and Van Brunt Street.) Many, many people have taken care of these dogs over the years. I would love to do a show of a the photos of the dogs taken over the years.


PS The dogs both have heartworm. Their treatment has been quite expensive, and I am paying to board them in PA (minimal) but it adds up. If by some small chance anyone wants to help contribute to their care, they can contact me...or I am pretty sure there is still a collection box at Bait and Tackle. Mama Dolce is the mother of Edie's (one of B&T owners) dog Dolce.
In a world that sometimes feels like it's full of crap on a daily basis, this story warms GL's heart immensely (except for the missing Revere Dog, who we hope has a happy ending too). If you have photos of the Revere Dogs (the one at left shows them on the Revere property behind the main gate) or want to help defray the cost of care for the rescued ones, you can contact Ms. Zucker at harithspi (at) earthlink (dot) net. A Revere Dog good karma bonus awaits.

[All photos courtesy of Harriet Zucker]



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I actually just saw two stray, and apparently wild (as in stray for long enough that they were quite dirty and unhealthy-looking), dogs on Coffey St. in Red Hook this morning. I also saw one in Gowanus near Third Avenue not too long ago. And two weeks ago, I saw a stray chicken on Sacket St. Stray cats seem to be everywhere but maybe they're just indoor/outdoor pets.

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