Friday, July 20, 2007

New Coney Blog: Last Year at Coney Island

Last Year at Coney Island

There' a new Coney Island blog dedicated to chronicling Coney's "last year" called, well, Last Year at Coney Island. We find the topic somewhat depressing, but certainly welcome additional blog coverage. We take no credit for finding the new blog, which is produced by Neil J. Murphy. We came across it thanks to the always fine labors of Kinetic Carnival, the superb Coney blog that stays on top of things in our favorite seaside neighborhood. In any case, here a sample of the writing on Last Year, about a mermaid mural now partly covered by a Thor Equities plywood fence:
Does she look nervous? She should. She's looking over one of the many plywood fences that have been propped up around her neighborhood in recent weeks. For the time being she can be found along the boardwalk near Stillwell Avenue and 15 Street, but those fences are surrounding a lot that the city redevelopment plan has its eyes on, and the building she's on may not be around very long. She has a right to be wary.
Definitely put it in your reader and keep track of it.

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