Friday, July 27, 2007

New Greenpoint Blog: Greenpointers


There's a new Greenpoint blog called Greenpointers, which may be one of the first Brooklyn neighborhood blogs produced by two actual sisters. (Or may not be. We can't see we've tracked the phenomenon.) In any case, the two are natives or Greenpoint, so we're sure the blog will be offering an interesting perspective one of Brooklyn's more fascinating neighborhoods. Here's a little sample of one of the early posts, which dealt largely with landmarking:
I think it's great that they're considering these types of buildings to be saved from demolition - or God forbid more Belvederes. Not that I hate the Belvederes all that much, they're pretty nice, actually. Compared with some of the row housing that Greenpoint is made up of, they might even be better. The true monstrosity is that Eckford & Engert. They remind me of those old commercials for termites where the people live in all concrete housing - even the couch.

I live in a landmark myself. A landmark building that has waterbugs, bed bugs and live mice that are apparently stuck in glue traps and tossed from windows so that you are privy to a dying, writhing little critter on your fire escape. Or so the handwritten note on the mailboxes suggests.
We look forward to more.



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