Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Look Kent Avenue: Toll Brothers Update

Northside Progress

If you read GL or our work over at Curbed, you know we've paid a lot of attention to the Toll Brothers developments on Kent Avenue. (We also have noted their efforts in Gowanus, but those are still in the planning and lobbying stage.) Why the Toll Brothers? Partly because we're fascinated by the urban building strategy of a company best known for McMansions and partly because theirs are really the first of the luxury developments that will completely changed Kent Avenue. In any case, the photo above shows the current state of progress on Northside Piers, which has gone up astoundingly fast. The one below is, of course, the North 8 Condo, which has featured the "Williamsburg All Grown Up." marketing theme. It will all be small potatoes at this time next year, when The Edge buildings north of Northside Piers should be nearing completion as should several other projects.

North 8

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