Monday, August 27, 2007

Checking in on Coney Island's Childs Building

Childs Front with Signage

The historic Childs Restaurant building on the boardwalk in Coney Island hasn't hosted more events this summer, but it's looking cleaned up and is sporting the signage of Taconic Investment, the big developer that continues to fly beneath the controversy radar in Coney. Taconic opened the wonderful old building for the Mermaid Parade Ball back and June and intends to renovate the building and return it to use as some combination of restaurant, catering space and marketplace. We will note that temporary food stands and "a market" that a Taconic VP had mentioned as being open by late summer at a Municipal Art Society panel in the spring didn't materialize. The building, however, has been cleaned up, with all of its graffiti gone. Taconic is hoping to develop 1.1-1.8 million square feet of residential, retail and parking on its "South Venture" development parcel around the Childs Building. It has mentioned another 1 million square feet for its "North Venture" on Surf Avenue.

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Childs Revelopment Sign

Childs Historic Sign

[Photos courtesy of Norman Oder/Atlantic Yards Report]



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I myself a local resident of Coney Island district and I despise people who support notion staying with rundown Coney Island. At some point of our life’s things tend to change hopefully for better. I see Coney Island as a jewel of South Brooklyn for tourism, year round live entertainment like concerts, musical plays and etc. Maybe a few five star hotels and restaurants to dine and wine while enjoying spectacular view of ocean. Speaking of exclusive restaurant Childs Building by Taconic Development ( is going to do just that to attract families and couples to enjoy their fine cuisine. I want to see Coney Island striving for brighter and safer environment where families and people can enjoy themselves.

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