Monday, August 27, 2007

Say What: Pol Yr Dog

Police Your Dog

It actually says "Police Your Dog," which would have earned it a place here even if it hadn't be tagged and stickered. We can't recall the last time we saw a "Police Your Dog" sign, which conjurs up visions of flashing at badge at Fido and ordering him in a very stern and convincing tone of voice to only crap in the gutter and then clean up after himself, not to mention suggesting that you will write him a summons should he insist on perpetrating the defecation offense. We guess, of course, that small dogs are easier to police than big ones. We do understand that "police your dog" is a euphemism for cleaning up his doo, as in "Carry a small shovel and plastic bag to police your dog when walking on city right-of-way." Still, you just don't come across it much and maybe it deserves a comeback in signage to add some variation to the standard "Curb Your Dog" signs. The photo of the sign on the far, far end of West Street in Greenpoint comes courtesy of our esteemed Greenpoint correspondent.

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