Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Brooklyn Blog: Sunset Park's Mural vs. Condo

We were super happy to find Mural vs. Condo, a new blog being produced out of Sunset Park, which is a Brooklyn community with a lot of important issues and news, but that has not had a great deal of blogging voices. A quick glance at Mural vs. Condo's latest post told us about an upcoming "Sunset Park Neighborhood Summit" on September 23, for instance, that aims to try to create some consensus about "a plan for the future development of Sunset Park that will support families and residents." The effort is an outgrowth of the battle about that proposal for a 12-story building on 42nd Street.

We especially love the blogger's introductory post from earlier this month:
Hello. My name is Amina. The place I call home is the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, or more specifically, the Latino area of Sunset Park. (There is a Chinatown here that starts a few blocks from me.) My neighbors are from Mexico, Ecuador, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and a few other places. I am half Puerto Rican and half Arab-American...

I love my home. I love that all the countries of Latin America are repping here and that we pretty much all get along. Some people are here illegally and some like me are born and raised here, but pretty much everyone is just here to make a better life for themself and their neighbors, sometimes against formidable odds. Their strength inspires me.
The blog takes its name from a mural about immigration on the wall of PS 24 and from the some of the housing and gentrification issues in the neighborhood. It says it will offer "My personal account of development and gentrification issues in Sunset Park, Brooklyn."

GL looks forward to reading as new items come into our RSS feed.

[Photos courtesy of Sunset Park Autonomous Zone]

UPDATE: The blogger has changed the blog's name to Sunset Park Autonomous Zone, and we've updated the links in the post to reflect that.

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Blogger Sunset Park Autonomous Zone said...

FYI The name and URL of the Mural vs. Condo have been changed. It is now Sunset Park Autonomous Zone, sunsetparkzone,


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