Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coney Island Proposal Wanted: Must Love (Carousel) Horses

Positive, constructive news about Coney Island has been hard to find of late, so we take great pleasure in noting that the city is formally looking for someone to restore and rebuild the historic B&B Carousell. The beloved ride was saved from the auction block by the city in 2005 for $1.8 million. It will be placed in the 2.2 acre Steeplechase Plaza project between KeySpan Park and the boardwalk. (We were pointed this way by the Coney Island Message Board and Carousel News.)The RFP intro from the New York City Economic Development Corp. reads:
The New York City Economic Development Corporation is seeking a consultant or consultant team (the “Consultant”) for restoration and reconstruction of the historic B&B Carousell, the last remaining historic wood-carved carousel of the many that were once located at Coney Island. In August of 2005, the City acquired the Carousell from its long-time owners, who had planned to sell it at auction. The Carousell was operated near the original entrance to the famed Luna Park amusement park until it was dismantled in January 2006. At that time, the Carousell along with the associated mechanisms and other features was carefully documented, dismantled, packed and placed in secure storage in Brooklyn.

The Consultant shall create a comprehensive detailed plan for the restoration and reconstruction of the Carousell (the “Restoration Plan”). The Consultant shall then provide all the services necessary to implement the Restoration Plan. The B&B Carousell restoration will be timed and coordinated with the completion of Steeplechase Plaza, a project being designed and developed under a separate RFP. Steeplechase Plaza will include a structure to house the carousell, and the Consultant will program the requirements for such structure and coordinate with the contractors building it to insure a seamless installation.
The proposals are due by October 17.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this RFP, I've gone ahead and posted it to the RFP Database so hopefully a carousel lover will find the project!

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