Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Columbia Street Housing Discussion to Become More Vocal

The 152 units of housing that would be built on and near Columbia Street in Red Hook will be back in front of a community meeting tomorrow. It concerns a "pre-approved" Department of Housing Preservation and Development plan for 152 units of housing, 40 percent of which would be affordable. It may not be greeted warmly by residents, some of whom object to plans for buildings up to 60-80 feet tall in a community where most structures are only two or three stories. In fact, we were reminded of the meeting by a community notice that is circulating that says, in part:

Find out about the plans by NYC and a private developer to build 152 units between Congress & Baltic Sts., between Hicks & Columbia Sts...Do you want 3 large buildings, 60-80 feet tall, towering over us and changing the character of our neighborhood?
The details, as found on the CB6 website:
Presentation by representatives for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development of a pre-certified ULURP application to construct a total of 152 housing units at 3 development sites in the Columbia Street District at 75 Columbia Street known as Site 1 (18 units), 86-98 Congress Street and 79 Warren Street known as Site 2 (33 Units), and 104-116 Warren Street and 101-115 Baltic Street known as Site 3 (102 units).
The Brooklyn Downtown Star had an article on the issue back in September. CB6 Committee meeting takes place tomorrow (10/25) at 6PM at Long Island College Hospital, which is located at 399 Hicks Street, at the corner of Atlantic Avenue.

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[Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Downtown Star]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that this area desperately needs new housing. The little business nearby can last much longer on the bums that live on that block currently. Seems like a good thing in my opinion *and I live 3 blocks away.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seems like a good idea to me to. People complain abaout everything. and by the way calling an 80 feet building a high rise is a mere attempt to catch attention not to mention ludicous as this heigh barely classifies as a midrise - and yes the BQE is a VERY wide street allowing greater height. Get a freaki life.

10:06 AM  

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