Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Construction Awards #2: Patricia Lancaster Award for Open Door Excellence

N10-N9 Fences copy

Rarely has a construction site been so open and so dangerous so many times as 199-211 N. 9th Street, 208 N. 10th Street and 489 Driggs. For this reason we are giving it a Patricia Lancaster Award for Open Door Excellence. (This is not to be confused with the Bedford Avenue Door of Death, which hasn't left open consistently enough to qualify, even though it presents and even more dramatic, unregulated public safety threat.) We've already named this a Construction Site Du Jour, not once, but twice. Even better, we identified it as a public safety menace. Yesterday, the fence around the demolition site had a huge gap on N. 10th Street and was open in two places on N. 9th Street and in one place on Driggs Avenue. You can judge for yourself be the photos of the site to which the public has full access as to whether the project is deserving of a Patty. We believe that it is. By the way, the building that will go here will be a seven-story structure with 170 units.

N10 Five

N10 Four

N 10 One

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