Saturday, October 27, 2007

Construction Site Du Jour: Bedford Ave. Door of Death Welcomes

Bedford Avenue Door of Death

This is 242 Bedford Avenue, which is reprising as a Construction Site Du Jour. Behind that partly open door on busy Bedford Avenue is a two-story (or so) drop. Records show that it's owned by an array of LLCs, including one named Sky Lofts LLC. The architect of record is Henry Radusky, aka "Too Tall," for some of the out-of-context work he has done. We believe this is being converted to condos, but it's also possible they're test modeling an indoor ski slope for the developers of Xanadu in Jersey and inviting the general public in to try it. So, here's a question on this fall Friday: Is an open, unattended door on a busy street that leads to a two-story deep construction pit a, uh, violation of Department of Buildings regulations?

BONUS RETAIL/BUSINESS RUMORS: Interestingly, when we posted this at Curbed yesterday, one commenter noted that Commerce Bank's website notes that it will be opening a branch on Bedford Avenue at N. 4th Street. Another commenter said that Corcoran will be opening a big office in roughly the same spot. All very interesting. So, perhaps the Door of Death will eventually morph to the Door to the ATM or the Door to Pricey Real Estate for Sale.

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