Sunday, October 21, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Here is a sampling of some of the comments left by GL readers during the last week:

Last Weekend for the Red Hook Vendors. "And what's wrong with that? Get some furniture, get some great food. Park @ Ikea, walk to the ballfields. Move on. Stop whining." [Anonymous]

Last Weekend for the Red Hook Vendors. "Actually, the problem is that Mayor Mike and his henchman Daniel Doctoroff love putting giant IKEAS and malls into areas where there were thriving ethnic markets. Witness the Bronx Terminal Market, witness the "coincidental" pressure from the Parks Department and the Health Department in Red Hook on the vendors there, right around the time IKEA is coming. Believe me, I know, there is no such animal as the Health Department deciding after 17 years that there is suddenly a "problem" with the vendors at the ballfields. Doesn't happen. They've been ordered to make those people go away." [RedHook]

Peeing Dog Leads to Confrontation in Park Slope. "I have a street tree outside my house. I also have a 9 month old daughter whose stroller has to be wheeled through dog pee and crap all the time because people like you think that the street outside my house is a toilet. Please be a responsible pet owner and neighbour." [Anonymous]

City Inaction in Action: The Curious Case of 143 Huron. "Although I totally understand and feel for those who are being abused in Greenpoint. I have to say that the "Wild West" of Construction is not limited to one place. It is constantly evolving and moving...What this City needs is a good class action law suit against it by all the tax payers who have been abused to facilitate all of this illegal work."



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