Friday, October 26, 2007

Williamsburg Gets a Big Hole With Edge

Edge Hole

This is the site of the massive Edge development on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg. (The photo was obviously shot before the recent bout of rain.) A massive amount of soil testing was done on the site, which is in the midst of a very environmentally interesting waterfront area. There was once a massive Manufactured Gas Plant several blocks north of the site, which left behind a large--but unknown--plume of underground toxins. The former Astral Oil Works is also said to have spilled petroleum products (again, quantity unknown), particularly during a massive explosion that rocked the facility. The entire waterfront area occupied by Northside Piers, The Edge and East River State Park was once dedicated to industrial use via the Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal. Oh, but all we wanted to say here was that construction at The Edge is moving along nicely.

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