Thursday, October 25, 2007

Some Great News: Astroland Gets Another Year

Today's big news for those that care about Coney Island is that Astroland will be open next year. The news that owner Carol Hill Albert and developer Joe Sitt had reached an agreement broke late yesterday afternoon. The lease was signed on Tuesday. There had been strong indications that there would be agreement and none of Astroland's rides, which had been on the market, had been removed from the property. Ms. Albert, who sold the park to Mr. Sitt for $30 million, told the Village Voice blog Runnin' Scared: "I'm very pleased for my employees and I'm very happy to be part of another tremendous year for Coney Island." She released a statement saying: "Astroland is very pleased that its 300 employees will continue to have jobs, and we want to thank our many supporters and fans who worked so hard to keep Astroland open." Astroland closed for the season on September 9. It will reopen for another "last year" on March 18. The city's zoning proposal for Coney Island is expected very soon and it is unclear whether the Astroland deal indicates that the city and Mr. Sitt have moved closer on possible changes.

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