Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Annual Park Slope Halloween Parade

The annual Park Slope Halloween Parade took place last night and it appeared that a great time was had by all during the costumed stroll down Seventh Avenue. (Should this slideshow bother you or not work, you can access our flickr set here.) The traditional shaving creaming of the teenagers took place at Third Street and Seventh Avenue. Don Wiss has posted a great set of photos of the parade and pre-parade festivities, which can be seen here. And Brit in Brooklyn has also posted photos some photos. There was a disturbing incident that took place on Fifth Avenue and President Street, which had nothing to do with the parade. Details are reported by Velvet Sea:
Woah crazy shit going down this evening around 8:30 on 5th Ave near President. A gaggle of teens got into a heated argument over something or other; apparently one pulled a knife. A lady uniformed cop and an undercover arrested one guy, they had him handcuffed against a vehicle in the middle of the street but they were quickly surrounded by a large group yelling and screaming...
There's more, so do head over if you want more.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Halloween fun. On Court St. last night I bought some candy to give to kids and sat in front of my building. there were lots of cute kids and polite parents but way too many adults who think that Halloween is like the first of the month, looking for a handout to get fatter on. Mothers calling their kids mutherf-----rs, grabbing them by the arm while and warning them that "they gonna get they ass beat" and then holding a bag out looking for candy saying it is for their baby at home. All night there were tons of adults with bags and not even saying triggertreat. Made me sick. Should I say that they did not live in the neighborhood? Naaa, you already knew that . . .

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