Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bklink: Too Close to the Street?

The Times ventures into Atlantic Yards land by looking at the issues of whether Brooklyn's planned area will be vulnerable to terrorist truck bombs. It discovers the arena will be 20 feet from the street in places, the same distances as Newark's new Prudential Center. In Newark, streets are now closed during events and it's considered a planning embarrassment. In Brooklyn, 20 feet is considered safe. Sort of. Because everyone is stonewalling on giving answers.--NYT

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Anonymous red hook said...

Political expediency is ruling the day here. There are two factors.

1) They're not going to say or do anything to stop this project.

Which means

2) The security issue will be solved after the fact.

Which means

3) There will be street closings. Absolutely, no question, without a doubt. The arena is going to so much worse a nightmare than you can even imagine for traffic.

4) In a strange, headache-inducing fashion, the outcry in 2011 or whenever the arena is finished over the double-speak with be brushed away with "we have to do whatever is the safest for the people of NYC."

5) The NYPD, forced presently to politically validate an obviously flawed design, will have to claim they were given "misinformation" about the plan. Bloggers will document up the ying yanger that this is ridiculously false, but it won't matter.

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