Monday, November 19, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles: Shuttered Bedford Subway Edition

Bedford Ave Subway Closed

Bedford Avenue's favorite fast food chain (well, only fast food chain, so far...) is closed. On Friday, Eater posted the Department of Health closing sticker on the front door and, yesterday, the metal grate was pulled tight. A quick look at the Department of Health site found that the Subway racked up 75 points during an inspection on November 5, which is one of the highest recent totals in all of Williamsburg. Among the points of interest: mice, facility not "vermin proof," improper use of pesticides, etc. By comparison, Wasabi, just up the street, only got 26 points back in June for evidence of (or live) mice and rats. Cheese on that 6" veggie patty on hearty Italian?

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