Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Carroll Gardens Has Its Landmarking Session

Yesterday evening was one of those times when it would have been useful to be in several places at once. At things would have it, we were under the weather an unable to be at any of them. So, we're grateful to be able to refer to some superb coverage today by people that did attend. Carroll Gardens Blogger Pardon Me for Asking provides some early coverage of the Carroll Gardens Landmarking Forum last night and reports that it was "all about information" and "an important step in Carroll Gardens" that "will help residents decide how best to protect this Brownstone neighborhood from developers." Many of the questions are reported to have been very nitty-gritty ones about the practical impact of landmarking such as "Will Landmarks make me change my windows and doors if I do not want to change them as a homeowner?" PMFA quotes one attendee as saying of rezoning and landmarking: "If we don't do anything, we are going to leave the developers to impose their vision on our Brownstone neighborhood." There is a separate post dealing with Council Member (and Borough President candidate) Bill de Blasio's appearance at the meeting.

[Photo courtesy of Pardon Me for Asking]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

more than protecting Carroll Gardens from developers, the landmarking will contribute to keep historic heritage for future generations of New yorkers.
Parts of Carroll Gardens can be developed because they do not provide historical interest. Other parts must be either protected or developed in respect to this historical heritage.

If they look at other landmarks, owners should run to this; fast.

10:25 PM  

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