Saturday, November 03, 2007

Cool Idea: Anyplace Brooklyn

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Here's an interesting concept: An audio walking tour of downtown Brooklyn called Anyplace Brooklyn that will be offered every Saturday in November (starting today) from Noon-2PM. The one hour tours start every five minutes. What's cool about them? For starters, you can download the audio portion in advance to your MP3 player. (It's also availableon CD.) Here are some details:
Where to Go: Come to the public tables @ Willoughby and Adams Streets in downtown Brooklyn to pick up materials and begin the tour. One-hour tours begin every 5 minutes between noon and 2 PM on every Saturday in November.

What to Bring: You must bring a CD player or an mp3 player with the downloaded files from to participate.

Anyplace, Brooklyn, an audio walking tour of Downtown Brooklyn, blends documentary sounds, interviews and guided observation to explore critical issues raised by the New York City's Downtown Brooklyn Development Plan including: public space, democracy, eminent domain, freedom of expression and privatization. Anyplace, Brooklyn presents strong evidence that Downtown Brooklyn, far from being blighted, is a thriving neighborhood of historic and cultural importance. Participants bring a CD player or mp3 player with downloaded audio tracks to the public tables at the corner of Willoughby and Adams Streets in Downtown Brooklyn. There they pick up the walking tour materials and don headphones, setting off alone or in small groups for a one-hour exploration of the neighborhood.
Excellent way to pick up some valuable perspective on an important part of Brooklyn about to undergo a lot of development.

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