Saturday, November 03, 2007

More Info About That Carroll Gardens "Town Meeting"

CGNA Meeting

We got this flier via email asking us to help spread the word about the upcoming "Town Meeting" in Carroll Gardens on November 19 that should be both heavily attended and very spirited, a couple of days ago, a reader named "Brooklyn Mom" left some comments on an earlier post clarifying some things about the meeting in response to questions raised in the neighborhood. Here are a few excerpts:
The Town Hall Meeting is set up to focus on the land use protections available thru the City; zoning and land marking in particular. Yes, there will be an informed (perhaps expert) panel. Their presentations will be question driven; the CGNA will be asking for Q's from the CGNAYahoo group starting this weekend. Have a Q you want to include? Post it there. At the THM on the 19th, cards will be distributed at the door and collected thruout the presentation. The cards can be used for Q's or comments to the panelists. The moderator will pose Q's to the panel at his discretion.

...We have questions and we are looking for answers...The startling number of high end residential buildings under construction is effectively changing CG--replacing the human scale neighborliness with high rise hustle. Why can't we have a say in what happens to our neighborhood? Who says the only development has to be luxe by professional high end developers? What about apartments and starter homes--for sale or rent within the price range of our under $50K population? We want to keep growing and welcoming at every level--the energy and mix is what keeps our streets active and safe.
It promises to be one of the more interesting community meetings of the year in South Brooklyn.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Bill deBalsio might be right when it comes to some things after all: He is quoted as calling the folks in Carroll Gardens "passionate".

2:40 AM  

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