Saturday, November 17, 2007

Farting Up a Storm: Stop Work Order at Burg's 5 Roebling Violated This Morning?

5 Roebling SWO

We received a call from one of our many Williamsburg sources this morning at an hour on a Saturday morning when no one should be getting calls about this kind of thing: The work crew at 5 Roebling (aka The Giant Fart Cloud Building) was at the site around 8:30AM, working. The regular reader might recall that the building was hit with a Stop Work Order for unsafe demolition work on Thursday after neighbors complained that mechanical demolition was threatening to severely damage their homes. The Department of Buildings stepped in to halt the work. The order, as far as we can tell, has not been lifted. According to our special correspondent, a work crew of four men was removing debris from the site and tossing it onto a truck. "And it's really loud," he added. "So much for that Stop Work Order." One hopes the much-publicized Stop Work Order Patrol wanders over and catches the Giant Fart Cloud Building as it cuts cheese in violation of the city order. A photo of the workers in action is to the right. The photographer reports that "the guys immediately started yelling...they said they had nothing to do with the demo and that they were only from the scaffolding company."

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Anonymous The Rev. Spyro said...

Thanks so much for your vigilance in reporting the myriad abuses at the casa de fart cloud site - real Brooklynites need to take a cue from folks like you to stop whining about the constant shenanigans of shady contractors, developers, real estate companoes and their allies in city govt. and start doing something about it.

The Rev. S.

11:54 AM  

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