Friday, November 30, 2007

Minerva Stop Work Order Music Video

Here's a Stop Work Order music video from Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights. It concerns 614 7th Avenue, aka the Minerva Building site. Their narrative:
Lots of shiny new DOB and DOT permits up ...and what do we have here? TWO SWOs! Deplorable conditions on the site that includes TONS of garbage, tires, hazardous waste and a huge water filled (no longer mosquito producing) pit in the middle of the site. Seems DOB felt it was unsafe, let alone untidy! Stinky eyesore be gone! Minerva thanks you do the residents. Category Code:* 73 FAILURE TO MAINTAIN
One has the sense this site--which is in disgusting shape--will continue to entertain in 2008, just as it has in previous years.

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