Sunday, November 11, 2007

On the Sofa: GL Reader Comments

Every week we highlight some comments left by GL readers during the past seven days. Here's a sampling from this week:

GL Analysis: City Shows Its Hand in Coney, Now What? "another chapter in the continuing history of land grabs at Coney. we'll be lucky if our grandkids get to ride the rides in the new Coney." [Anonymous]

Truck Sucks Muck From Beneath Burg's Grand Street. "I live on Degraw Street and work for a civil engineering firm. I have worked with Allstate Power Vac before, and they primarily clean sewers and catch basins. This is most likely the case here - those giant trucks are cleaning the sewer, after which they will probably send in a remote probe to inspect the structural integrity of the sewer. What instigated this cleaning and inspection? It could be that basins were backing up or that there was an unexplained settlement in the roadway prompting the City to dispatch these guys to see if there is a sewer collaps in the area." [Anonymous]

Bloomberg, Doctoroff & Burden Drop Coney Island Bomb: Sitt Out of Amusement District. "With Thor out of the amusement zone, that is a great thing. Whatever you think of the city's politics, I'd rather have the same folks who—for better or worse—redid Times Square involved than Thor Equities who does nothing but buy land, make promises, flip property and destroys community." [JackSwzergold]

Bloomberg, Doctoroff & Burden Drop Coney Island Bomb: Sitt Out of Amusement District. "This isn't good news in the slightest. They simply will trade one developer for another that is a crony of Doctoroff. Nearly every Doctoroff plan has been absolutely, incredibly, spectacularly: a huge financial gift to a real estate developer, a giant fuck you to the relevant community, completely uninspiring, catering to a wealthy minority, and so on, and so on. Doctoroff wouldn't know how to pick a world-class developer for Coney Island if they turned on the lights on the Parachute Jump and stuck it up his tuckus." [Red Hook]

Brave Park Slope Social Experiment: Will People Return "Buy Local" Umbrellas? "I like the spirit behind this idea a lot. My fear, however, is that these umbrellas are going to end up like all of mine: they're never where I need them. Even a well-meaning citizen is going to take one home and then never ever remember to return it." [Colleen]



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