Thursday, November 08, 2007

Quadriad Has Marked Its Turf and Started Digging

Quadriad Sign

Yes, they're only photos of a fence with information about a project and its developer, and construction equipment. They are of interest, however, because of the particular site and developer. Work has gotten underway on the first phase of Quadriad Development's controversial plan in Williamsburg that could result in several high on Berry Street and Bedford Avenue between N. 3rd and N. 4th Streets. The part of the project that is under construction, however, is not controversial. It involves housing in buildings that will be five stories tall. Construction equipment is on site. Quadriad would need major zoning changes to build its highrises as the part of the neighborhood where they want to build was downzoned to prevent highrise development.

Quadriad Construction

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Blogger mikki said...

I have to laugh at the use of "unanimous" in the sign. GOod luck getting an unanimous opinion in CB1! An anonymous one, however...

10:51 AM  

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