Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Cool Old Brooklyn Sign: Clinton Cafe

Clinton Cafe One
[Photos courtesy of Carol Gardens]

One of the things we love about the medium in which we work is the way that readers, in effect, become correspondents and can move the conversation forward or add to the flow of information. So it is with some photos we posted yesterday of two old florist's signs. Those photos themselves came from a GL reader who's been sending us a treasure trove of material and stories. Then, another reader left a comment that said, "If you like old signs you should see what has surfaced on clinton st, just past the BQE across from the projects. old cheap joes is no longer there and some old signs for a 'Clinton Cafe' and others have appeared. god knows from what era, but I'm guessing pre-bqe..." Another reader named Carol Gardens followed up yesterday evening by sending photos of the sign in question, perched above the "Give Peace a Chance" street mural. It's a great juxtaposition and a wonderful reminder of an bygone time.

Clinton Cafe Two



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent. There was neon on these signs. You can see the round flanges where the neon squiggled through. Thanks for these!

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Chris from Brooklyn said...

I remember a long time ago, that building used to be Key Food, Met Food, Fine Fare and other stores. I missed all these stores. It brings back memories. I wonder if they should put a flea market

7:29 PM  

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