Monday, December 03, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles: Williamsburg Openings Edition

Urban Rustic

There are a couple of openings or almost openings to report in Williamsburg:

1). The Urban Rustic Grocery & Cafe ("Farm to Market") is edging towards an opening on N. 12th Street, at least, to judge by the new sign that has gone up. Urban Rustic is located at 236 N. 12th Street between Driggs and Roebling, across the street from McCarren Park and should be well positioned to offer those "farm to market" treats to people using the park as well as to everyone moving into the new condos on Karl Fischer Row, which is also nearly across the street. The focus is food and products grown or produced within 100 miles.

2). A "French Rotisserie" that calls itself Peter's Since 1969 is now open on Bedford Avenue. Peter's, however, has existed since November, 2007. The signboard outside says "Peter's has arrived. French rotisserie." There was a significant crowd inside when we passed by yesterday around 2:30 PM.

3). We probably don't need to mention that Radegast Hall & Biergarten is open as its coming has been noted far and wide, but we'll include it anyway for the three people that haven't heard.

Peters Since 1969

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter's since 1969..hahah yeah the real polish places that were on bedford were there alot longer than that....Peter's is a gimick to make all the dumb yuppies from Manhattan think that Peter's just cleaned up a bit now that the hood had gone all fancy what with the yuppie influx of straight girls with blown out hair, It bags and wanna be Sex In the City wardrobes and their striving to be equally hip gay boyfriends....they grew up in the burbs, lived with 3 others in EV while they chased bankers in the meatpacking district and did brunch with their best gay boyfriend who kisses their they have "discovered" williamsburg and they tramps about here "slumming" for the cocktails and vintage stores...They just really need to go back to manhattan and find a husband or better yet head back to the burbs.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to the opening for a while now since I live around the block from Urban Rustic. Upon running out for some emergency milk this morning all I can say is these people have some huge balls. They are charging $4.50 (+$1 deposit) for a bottle of milk that costs $2 from the farmers market. I understand a certain amount of markup will happen when you buy from someone like this, but come on thats insane!

11:26 AM  

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