Friday, December 07, 2007

Fart Cloud Fest Update: DOB Say Site Cool, Cops Bust Dumpers

We didn't expect to have this particular item about the former Giant Fart Cloud Building, aka 5 Roebling, this morning. We figured there would be another report of debris removal that might exceed the accepted parameters of debris removal. Instead, we got the following email at 10:19 PM:
One of my neighbors saw people dumping debris at the site and when I just got home, the cops were here and three guys were cuffed out front of the site!...I don't know if someone called 911 or what.
We never realized there could be such a speedy police response to people dumping crap in the Burg (and will also point out that it appears outsiders were dumping at the site). On other Fart Cloud Building fronts, the Department of Buildings checked on after hours construction and work contrary to the Stop Work Order yesterday (the complaint had been made the day before) and found "no construction activity." On the bright side, 311 may accept new complaints if there are any to be made. Any updates on FartGate as they become available.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clarification. Nobody was dumping anything EVER on the 5 Roebling site. Those men that were cuffed that night were only a small handful of different skells, scavengers, and scrap metal venders that came on the site, at least 3 times, to cut out with an acetylene torch hunks of scrap metal in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. No fire suppression on site. Fuck them. Same goes for the owner Shlomo Karpen, who still fails to keep this site properly boarded up and locked at night. Noteworthy, is that MMG demolition managed to haul off the Giant Fart Cloud building one piddly van load of "antique" bricks at a time.Dude was getting a nickel a piece to re-sell them. Smart guy. Nice , too. Not one container was ever dropped of at the demo site. It took them months,but they pulled it off. MMG probably saved themselves at least a hundred bucks in the process.
that 911 calling bitch named,me.

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