Monday, December 10, 2007

GL Construction Site Du Jour: Red Hook Ikea Offers Preview

Red Hook Ikea Fence Open

The Red Hook Ikea, which is a hub of activity as it rushes toward an opening next year, has a bit of an issue with its fence. Given that we're always game to point out a construction or demolition site that's open to the public, we'd be remiss in not pointing out that the fence above allows easy public access to the Ikea site and that the fence below was clearly the victim of some sort of accident. One wonders, given all the problems that Ikea has had with theft at the site from time to time, if one of the problems has been that it invites people to do some late night shopping.

Ikea Fence Fallen

Ikea Bonus: Jotham Sederstrom offers some details in today's Daily News about Ikea's job training program for Red Hook residents. The retailer is offering a $500,000 program overseen by Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow. So far, 188 students have taken part in the program. It is unclear how many will actually be hired at the store. Top management positions have been filled by Ikea employees from as far away as California, Canada and Sweden. (Warning: The NYDN story kept crashing our Firefox browser, but seems okay in IE.)

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