Monday, December 10, 2007

Remembering the Myrtle Avenue El

Forgotten NY--Myrtle Avenue El

Kevin Walsh and Forgotten NY have an extensive new page about the Myrtle Avenue El. It has to be one of our absolute favorite Forgotten NY entries in a long while. The new "Last Days of the Myrtle Avenue El" post is s full of info about and photos of the long gone line. Mr. Walsh writes:
In its original incarnation, opening to fares on April 10, 1888 the Myrtle Avenue el ran from Johnson and Adams Streets downtown south and then east along Myrtle Avenue to Grand Avenue, south to Brooklyn's Lexington Avenue, then east to Brooklyn's Broadway, joining the Broadway el there. Later that year, on September 1st, the Myrtle was extended west to a Washington Street terminal adjoining the Brooklyn Bridge. Connections to Manhattan were made on June 18th, 1898 when the line crossed the Brooklyn Bridge (along with Brooklyn's 5th Avenue El line) to a Park Row terminal. The Brooklyn Bridge crossing remained in service until March 5, 1944.
Definitely worth checking out.



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