Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Greenpoint Karl Fischer: Easy Fill Ups

Green Palace-Exxon Kingdom

This is the future site of a condo being built at 214 Green Street at the corner of Green Street and McGuinness Boulevard. The developer is "Green Palace LLC" and it's going to be a five-story building with 10 units from the studios of the ubiquitous Karl Fischer. (There is no rendering posted yet, sadly.) What's interesting is that the condo is so close to a neighboring Exxon Station that it could be part of the gas station. As for names, we could suggest Exxon 214 or The Spill or The FillUp or, perhaps, HighOctane. We'll stop right there. The photos are courtesy of our Greenpoint Correspondent, who went above and beyond to get these pics for us. (Warning: not for those squeamish about the aftermath of stepping in it.)

214 Green Street Site 1



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