Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Sunset Park and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens Blogs

Hawthorne Street

We're happy to note two new Brooklyn blogs, including one in Sunset Park, where we've been hoping to see some renewed neighborhood blogging activity:

The Sunset Park entry is The Sunset Park Blog, which is tied to a website called sunset-park.com that also includes a message board that could turn out to be both interesting and valuable if it catches on. We've missed consistent Sunset Park coverage since Sunset Parker's short run last year, so we're especially excited to see what kind of coverage this new blog has up its sleeve. Some early offerings include a nice look at the Christmas decorations on Fifth Avenue and some news about a new hotel on 39th Street.

Meanwhile, the relatively new Prospect-Lefferts Gardens entry is called Hawthorne Street. It bills itself as dealing with "local curiosities, reno tips and random thoughts on the urban environment" and its been keeping up a very active posting schedule so far.

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Blogger Frank said...

Thanks for the plug, we need it. You might want to add our blog to your links as well. BTW our website to which the blog is tied has been up since 1998. We will be celebrating our 10th year next year.

10:36 AM  

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