Sunday, December 09, 2007

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: To the Person Who Broke Into My Car...

On Sunday, we turn to that interesting slice of life known as the Brooklyn Missed Connection on Craiglist. We have opted not to feature the serial poster who posted ads about Bedbugs and Herpes three times in the last week (the latest being this one) and is likely also the person responsible for gems like this and this. Our choice for the week is not a traditional Missed Connection. It's more a social commentary, therapy & rant from Williamsburg:
To the person who broke into my car last night - 28

You broke into my gray Hyundai Elantra parked on the corner of Wythe and 4th St. As I was parking it, I noticed broken glass on the sidewalk and thought "the lightning never strikes the same spot twice." Well, I was wrong.

I wanted to express how much I appreciate your effort to minimize my inconvenience. I understand that you probably come from a disadvantaged background, you may have an addiction or two, or maybe your mother is sick in the hospital. I quite understand your need to break into my car.

You only broke the rear passenger small window, so even in the cold weather there are no drifts reaching the front seats. I know it was hard to open the car through that small window, so I appreciate the effort.

You took my GPS system. I actually didn't like it because it doesn't allow me to update the maps and they are quite outdated by now. Thank you for giving me a reason to get a much better one.

You tool my work blackberry. They are actually upgrading us to the new Pearl model. I was due to get one in February. But thanks to you, I will get a new one on Monday. Thank you!

I do miss those $5 in spare change, but it's a small price to pay. Hope it goes a long way towards buying your next fix.

And thank you for not taking my garage key, EZ pass car, or NY map. I wouldn't be able to get home without them. I wish all car burglars were as decent as you are. You should start a car burglary etiquette classes.

Your biggest fan!
For another Burg theft-related Missed Connection, but of a lower magnitude, you can check out this one too, because the poster wants his/her shit back.

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